Weight Loss Facts – 3 Tips For Burning Calories While Doing Nothing At All

Weight Loss Facts – 3 Tips For Burning Calories While Doing Nothing At All


Let’s face it, there are about as many suggestions for losing weight as there are excuses for calling in sick to work. Everyone thinks their way is better than the other guy but at the end of the day, like the excuses, deep inside you know you’re probably being lied to.

After prodding the brains of some of the top exercise scientists in the nation we have come up with a few facts that will help you understand how fat works with your body. Then we will tell you how to fight that fat away like it was stealing your purse at Disneyland.

Fact #1

Your Basal (Resting) Metabolism is the responsible for up to 75% of daily calories burned

Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the rate at which your metabolism burns calories when you are doing nothing at all. This resting rate is powered by simply breathing; your heart beat, listening to music and even your cells dividing. Your BMR accounts for 60 to 75 percent of your overall metabolism. The largest factor in you burning calories is almost out of your control. How can you lose weight if you don’t even have control over your BMR? You can and you will.

Fact #2

The more fat there is in your body, the fatter your body becomes

Fat is a terrible enemy in our body. For your body to support just 1 pound of fat, it only needs to burn 2 calories a day. Meanwhile, doing nothing at all, 1 pound of muscle burns three times the calories just to sustain itself. The funny thing is, the more calories you burn, the more body fat you tend to lose. Simply having muscle in your body burns more calories while you do nothing at all. “I don’t have a lot of muscle nor do I want to be muscular, you may say.” Not to worry, we have a solution.

Fact #3

Training with weights is the ultimate fat fighter

If muscle burns calories, then bigger muscles burn more calories. Recent studies show that a single session of training with weights can have a dramatic effect on your metabolism for up to 39 hours after you exercise. (This doesn’t include the calories you burn while you are actually exercising.)

Jeff S. Volek, Ph.D., R.D., an exercise and nutrition researcher at the University of Connecticut, was able to demonstrate in a recent study that people who built muscle lost almost 40% more fat on restricted-calorie (like with hCG) diets than those who didn’t exercise or perform aerobic activities.


So what should you do?

Let’s back up to Fact #1. If how your body operates while doing nothing is out of your control, how can you, well, control it?

Eat protein.

That same researcher from the University of Connecticut, Jeff S. Volek, Ph.D., R.D., says that at any given moment, even at rest, your body is breaking down and rebuilding muscle. Every time you eat 10-25 grams of protein your trigger a natural muscle-building process called protein synthesis. This not only triggers muscle growth, but your body burns more calories when digesting protein than it does when digesting fats or carbohydrates. Your body burns about 25 calories for every 100 calories of protein consumed.

Try incorporating 10-20 grams of protein into each meal. Try eating lean meat, seafood or eggs. Don’t worry, eating more protein is not going to turn your body into a green Hulk-like monster. In fact, quite the opposite will happen. Eating protein and exercising with weights as opposed to running, has shown significant reductions in fat loss and lean body weight.

Eat Breakfast

In Fact #2 I mentioned eating protein. This is crucial and can be done easily by supplementing with a low-calorie protein shake are by eating lean meats and seafood. The first step is a good breakfast.

Again, the science shows that we have been wrong about losing weight. Eating less often can hinder your weight loss efforts. Skipping your breakfast can increase your risk of obesity by up to 450 percent! Studies show that people that eat breakfast eat up to 150 fewer calories throughout the day. Don’t skip a meal in hopes that your body will just burn calories while it doesn’t have food. Your body will resort back to its primal instincts of conserving energy while it is in short supply. Eat a healthy breakfast. Try whole grains toast with fried eggs and a protein smoothie with your favorite fruit.

Exercise with weights

“I don’t want big muscles,” you may say. Well, exercising with weights does not mean you will start bench-pressing the boss’s car to get a raise. You are trying to replace the fat in your body with muscle. Muscle is far denser than fat and takes up a lot less space in your body. Exercising with weights will accelerate, specifically, fat loss and help you reach your weight loss goals far quicker than aerobic exercise alone.

Try walking with 3 to 5-pound weights in your hands or try using ankle weights. Even taking small weights to work and doing bicep curls and shoulder presses while you read this article can help you get the body that is the envy of the office.

Now get to work.


  1. That saves me. Thanks for being so snesible!

    1. Many many quality pinots there.

      1. ok so i used to weigh 145 pounds right, and I’ve sertatd losing weight since then. I became a vegetarianat the beginning of march and not eating meat isn’t as hard as it seems, even though I ate pork rind chips by mistake but that was like the first day that I sertatd. Point is in one week I lost five pounds!!! and I’m not going back to meat, it disgusts me now!!! Good luck!!! Sorry for the long tangent.

  2. I just want to add something. when trying to lose weight you dont have to starve yourself. you still a right to enjoy your meal, but you should know what dish to eat which can help you obtain what you consider the ideal weight.

    1. I hope you tell us how many calories did you counsme per day. I have a hard time trying to eat so much, that’s why I struggle at times to gaining weight.

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