Drink Only In Moderation

If you’re anything like most Americans, you’re probably not that concerned about blowing this one off sometimes (see: birthdays, post-breakups, the holidays, regular happy hours, etc.). But here’s why you shouldn’t exceed the U.S. dietary health guidelines to consume no more than seven drinks a week and no more than three in one day: Regularly throwing back more than that can lead to both minor health issues like low energy and blotchy skin and major problems like strokes and certain cancers. The alcohol facts are sobering. Per a July 2012 Gallup poll, 44 percent of Americans drink alcohol regularly, and 22 percent admit them sometimes imbibe more than they should. How to know if you’re drinking too much? These few guidelines will help keep your tab in check.
1. Keep a mental tally as you go about your week. U.S. dietary health guidelines that state woman should sip no more than seven drinks a week and no more than three on any given day.
2. If you are in a setting where you are nearing your alcohol threshold, try to keep it under the legal limit. There are plenty of apps and other tools to test your BAC levels. Use them and help avoid the hangover tomorrow.
3. Cut yourself off. The best way to protect yourself while still enjoying a tipple or two is to get real about how much you’re sucking down. Start by keeping a paper or digital drink diary (via apps such as DrinkTracker). Set a limit and stick to it. If you reach it, stop.

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