Stand Up

Many are calling sitting the new smoking as an increasing amount of research shows that the more time you log planted in a chair, the higher your risk of suffering from obesity, heart disease, and diabetes (which is why some people have started warning about the danger of “sitting disease”). Even scarier, this holds true whether you work out regularly or not.
Not sure how to avoid sitting at your job? Try these small changes to help stave off the potential hazards of a sedentary life:
1. Ask for a desk you can use while standing. If your boss doesn’t go for it, stand up to take phone calls or swap your chair for a stability ball.
2. Use the restroom farthest from your office, and drink extra water to stay hydrated and increase your number of trips to the loo.
3. Send your documents to a printer on another floor or on the other side of the office.
4. Create a screen saver that reminds you to stand up and stretch.
5. If you commute via bus or train, pace up and down the platform or sidewalk while you wait for your ride.

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