Plan A Workout As Part Of Your Day

You know you’re going to shower, right? And at some point, you will forage for food. Same holds true for exercise–schedule it in so you don’t question its existence on your calendar. It’s just there, much like your 3 PM meetings and your OkCupid dates. Have a hard time stuck to something that doesn’t _have_ to be done? Try these additional tips to help you plug a little workout into your day:
* Pack a gym bag. Have your clothes ready to go…one less reason to not follow through.
* Have a light snack. Try a half a banana or pita before your workout (so you’re not starving). This will keep you going and not make you sick.
* Go to bed early. Your mama told you so for good reason. You’ll feel better throughout the day and won’t struggle when it comes time to hit the gym.
* Make friends. Accountability is the surest way to stay on track. Set regular gym dates with a friend, or get to know another gym-goer who you know will be looking for you.

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