Choose Your Friends Wisely

There is plenty of evidence that suggests that we are often times the average of the people we spend the most time with. Be sure to cultivate friendships with people who are interested in being active, fit or trying to lose weight also. If the friends you have now don’t support the lifestyle you are […]

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Have Fun

It sounds obvious, but many people feel that exercise is a chore instead of something beneficial like taking vitamins. Think of exercise as your time to release your pent-up energy, and have fun with it! Whether you try a hip-hop dance class, schedule a run with friends, or make a new playlist that you can’t […]

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Stand Up

Many are calling sitting the new smoking as an increasing amount of research shows that the more time you log planted in a chair, the higher your risk of suffering from obesity, heart disease, and diabetes (which is why some people have started warning about the danger of “sitting disease”). Even scarier, this holds true […]

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Drink Only In Moderation

If you’re anything like most Americans, you’re probably not that concerned about blowing this one off sometimes (see: birthdays, post-breakups, the holidays, regular happy hours, etc.). But here’s why you shouldn’t exceed the U.S. dietary health guidelines to consume no more than seven drinks a week and no more than three in one day: Regularly […]

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There is a lot of hype going on in the news and on blogs about the FDA’s recent action on HGC. To help some of you with the confusion the FDA went after a bunch of companies that sell homeopathic HCG. The regulators said the marketing of the products makes them “unapproved new drugs.” The […]

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Lose Weight Fast

You probably think you have a good idea of what is ‘good’ for you and what isn’t even though we too often choose to ignore that information. It’s a sort of common knowledge that fast food is generally recognized as unhealthy, although some places are improving. Grocery stores are displaying products with labels claiming everything […]

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Sugar. 365 Days Of Poison

  The average American consumes about 200 pounds of white flour per year. That same American also consumes about 160 pounds of refined sugar per year. That equates to consuming almost 1 pound of toxic, empty calories, EVERY DAY! Your mother probably knew that giving you candy caused you to become hyper as a kid. […]

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