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In terms of benefits, Platinum Deer Antler Extract Spray will provide a massive increase in energy levels as well as endurance and stamina. This type of benefit is essential whether you are on a reduced calorie diet or training hard in your workouts. Platinum Deer Antler Extract helps to dramatically decrease recovery time after workouts.  Whats more, most users find that Platinum Deer Antler Extract aids in providing the “deepest sleep” they have ever experienced.  This helps improve your mood, helps your body heal from aches and pains. It heightens your senses and gives you the ability to think clearly.

*Better Sleep
*Reduced Joint Pain
*Increased Libido
*Better Stamina

*Increased Energy Levels
*Improved Mental Clarity
*17,000 nano grams Deer Antler Velvet

**ZERO Side effects!!

Platinum Deer Antler Extract will help decrease your appetite and unhealthy cravings as well as increase your immunity. Platinum Deer antler velvet spray works wonders for women with hormonal issues. It also keeps your blood sugar in balance and enhances your overall productivity.

What Is Deer Antler Extract

Platinum Deer Antler Extract product is one of the most potent hormonal adaptogen product on the market. Deer Antler is a product with about 3,000 years of history in Chinese medicine, and not just in Chinese, but also the Japanese, Koreans, and even Russians as well, who dubbed it “horns of gold.”  If you are looking for proof, how about 3000 years spanning multiple cultures.

Today we have the benefit of science and chemistry to understand a little bit about what’s in the deer antler, and what we know is that it contains a very complex symbiotic balance of growth factors.  IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor) are things created in our own bodies, proteins in our own bodies that we use to stimulate growth and repair and maintenance and regeneration. But as we age, the numbers or the levels of these different growth factors starts to taper off. So it’s quite remarkable if you can find a food that contains IGF1 growth factors.

Deer antlers contain tremendous amounts of growth factor during certain stages of their growth.  If you are a hunter or have spent time around these animals, you may have noticed that in the summertime deer antler isn’t so pointed and sharp and it doesn’t look like bone.

Earlier in the season, this would be covered with a velvet, and it would be soft and rounded at the ends, and the whole thing would be fairly soft. In the springtime, the deer antler starts to crack through the skull and grows covered in velvet.  This velvet is soft and grows a couple centimeters a day. It’s pretty amazing growth for a mammal.

Eventually, at the end of the season, they scrape off against trees. They scrape the velvet off, and this hardens into a bone. Once it’s reached this stage, there’s no more benefit, no medicine left in it. But when it’s soft, if those antlers can be made into a medicine, you can actually absorb the growth factors yourself. This been known for a long time. It’s been done for thousands of years in China and Korea, and it’s been done for almost a thousand years in Russia as well.

Best of all there’s no side effects. You can never overdose on it. There’s no toxic limit or toxic load. It only benefits the body in positive ways.

Deer Antler Extract Reviews

Many doctors and user alike have tried this product in recent years.  You have probably hear of Ray Lewis taking Deer Antler and having it cause quite a stir in the media.  Even more recent is Mitch Ross using deer antler velvet on the PGA tour.  Does is make sense that people who have access to very educated sports doctors would take something that didn’t work?  Not really.  Platinum Deer Antler has zero side effects and hundreds of positive benefits.  What are you waiting for?  Try it today.

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