hCG Pellets Big

hCG Pellets


At first, nobody believed that the homeopathic hCG drops could work as great as the injections. Here we all are after losing 10, 25 or 50 pounds, shocked that it could work so well. Platinum Body Performance put our amazing research and development staff to work and asked them to take something great and make it better. They gave us hCG pellets. HCG Pellets are more convenient to use than the drops and do not require refrigeration.By following the low-calorie diet, cutting out sugar and excessive carbohydrates combined with hCG Pellets has helped 1000′s of customers achieve their Platinum Body.If you can commit to taking control of your diet, we will help you the rest of the way. We provide free diet brochures with EVERY order and feel free to call with questions anytime before or during the diet. We know how hard it can be to get the shape you want. We are here to help.

Four Reasons to buy:

1. Made under FDA regulation (It’s Safe)

2. Amino acids are essential while dieting (Good for you)

3. No side effects- Avg. loss of 1-2 lbs per day (It WORKS!)

4. HCG is listed as the very first ingredient on the bottle! (It’s REAL)

What about the HCG?

Hormone free or WITH hormones?

Our HCG Pellets list HCG as the first ingredient in the bottle. HCG without hormones is nothing more than a placebo. Our HCG is manufactured here in the USA and we stand by every bottle. It’s the real deal!

The Diet

The same healthy, low calorie hcg diet is still required with the pellets. Each hCG pill bottle comes with 480 pellets and will last a full 40-days when taken as directed. (4 pellets, 3 times per day) The pellets are more convenient and work the same (if not better) as the drops or injections. No Needles. No Refrigeration. Same rapid weight loss. Many customers describe the taste of the pellets as “pleasant.” Items ship within 24 hours of placing your order.

A healthy low-calorie diet combined with our high-quality, FDA regulated HCG has helped 1000s of customers lose an average of 1-2 pounds PER DAY!

Our hCG pellets contain a mix of specially designed ingredients to help maximize weight loss

Amino Acids for added weight loss results:

Arginine 6X, 12X, 30X (Regulates hormones and blood sugar)
Carnitine 6X,12X,30X (Increase fatty acids metabolism)
Ornithine 6X, 12X, 30X (Helps retain muscle and reduce body fat. Increases energy production)

2 Bottles – 50% off 2nd bottle
3 Bottles – Get one free bottle

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Multislim for women



One of the leading causes for a failed diet is poor nutrition. In an attempt to lose weight as fast as possible we skip meals, eat foods we don’t like and otherwise torture ourselves.

With our new daily multivitamin, MultiSlim, you can eat smart and rest assured that you are receiving the right amount of nutrients in the right dosages to keep your body healthy and your diet on track.

Platinum Body Performance MultiSlim:

  • Specifically Designed For Dieting
  • Energizing B Vitamin Complex
  • Potent Vitamin, Mineral & Antioxidant Formula

MultiSlim is specifically designed to keep you energized and nutritionally balanced while on a reduced calorie diet. With all the nutrients and none of the calories, you’ll find that dieting has never been better.

1 Bottle – $13.99
2 Bottles- Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off – $21.00 ( $7.01 Discount)
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hCG Drops

hCG drops


There are thousands of websites telling you to buy their hCG.

Three Reasons you should buy ours:

1. Our hCG is manufactured in an FDA regulated facility.
2. Our hCG is made in the U.S.A., Not from China.
3. Our hCG works, because it is real.

Your hCG will be ship within 24 hours of your purchase (except Sundays).

Every bottle will be accompanied with a detailed diet plan.
Every bottle is a 40 day supply (2oz bottle). Avg. weight loss of 1-2 pounds per day.
We wouldn’t sell anything that we haven’t used ourselves.

We wont use fancy words to tell you how it works. Our hCG is taken 3 times per day under the tongue. Combine the hCG with a low calorie diet, cutting out sugar and starches. Our hCG helps to release the stored fat in your body and dissolves the fat, allowing your cells to shrink back to normal size. Result: A thinner you in 30 days.

1 Bottle – $34.99
2 Bottles – Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off – $52.50 ($17.50 Discount)
3 Bottles – Buy 3, Get 1 FREE – $69.97 ($35 Discount)

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Probiotic - 20 bottle

Probiotic – 20


Research is now finding that a high-quality probiotic is more important to your health than ever before – especially while dieting. In addition to helping your digestion, there is study after study of additional benefits to your health that are yours to be had with our latest Probiotic. We are proud to offer our newest product specifically designed with health and weight loss in mind.

Platinum Body Performance Probiotic – 20:

  • HIGHEST NUMBER OF CFUS PER SERVING AND 200% MORE THAN OTHER PROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENTS for Better Digestive Health, Immunity and Bowel Regularity. 60 Capsules – 30 Day supply
  • MADE IN THE USA IN A STRICT GMP AND FDA CERTIFIED LAB for Maximum Good Colon Bacteria, Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Reduction. Reduces Colon Polyp, Triglycerides.
  • THE BEST QUALITY PROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENT that Increases Calcium Absorption for Bone Density, Supports More Vitamin Production And Promotes Daily Relief from Allergies, Gas, Bloating and Constipation.
  • ALL NATURAL AND SAFE INGREDIENTS that Helps to Controls Appetite and Weight, Helps Reduce Urinary Tract Infections, Yeast Infections and Acne Problems.
  • THE INDUSTRY LEADING REVOULUTIONARY FORMULA fights off the bad bacteria present in the GI track that helps you to recover from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Stress causing gut illnesses, Inflammatory Conditions. 100% Safe Natural USA made product with NO chemicals, preservatives, fillers or blenders. NO Need for Refrigeration.

1 Bottle – $23.99
2 Bottles – Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off – $40.00 ($7.98 Discount)
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PureGarcina Cambogia Extract

Garcinia Cambogia


The Garcinia Cambogia Extract has Dr. Oz’s stamp of approval! He says Garcinia Cambogia is the next up and coming solution for effective and effortless weight loss. What about this extract made such a prominent figure in the weight loss industry say it’s the “magic ingredient” of all products?

Acts as Appetite Suppressant
Control Sugar Cravings
Slim Figure and Lose Weight
Increase Seratonin – Better Sleep
Manage Stress and Enhance Mood

Recently seen on national television, Dr. Julie Chen sat down with Dr. Oz and discussed the science behind what makes Garcinia Cambogia so effective for weight loss.

Dr. Chen explained exactly what makes this natural weight loss extract work so well. Garcinia works in a variety of ways and provides many health benefits. Dr. Chen elaborated on the 2 primary components of Garcinia Cambogia that have so many obese individuals, who have previously struggled with weight loss, finally experiencing exceptional results.
The 2 main weight loss points that Dr. Chen emphasized on are:

  1. The first component of garcinia Cambogia that sets it apart from any other weight loss solution is its ability to prevent fat cells from forming. Platinum Body Performance Garcinia has 50% HCA, which blocks the formation of fat cells by positively affecting the way the liver converts sugar into fat on a cellular level. Platinum Body Performance Garcinia Cambogia significantly enhances the livers ability to convert sugar into energy rather than storing excess caloric intake as fat cells. Upon observation of the science behind how this works, it becomes apparent how consuming Platinum Body Performance garcinia Cambogia on a daily basis leads to a flatter stomach and slimmer waist.
  2. The second main benefit of garcinia Cambogia is its appetite suppressing properties, which enables you to have much more control over your eating habits. Empowered by daily consumption of this “fat busting” extract, garcinia will enable you to control emotional eating and eliminate your cravings.

With so many credible doctors endorsing this “fat busting” extract for its natural and safe weight loss effects, and after observing the scientific truth behind what makes garcinia Cambogia so effective for weight loss it can be hard to ignore the evidence.

When purchasing Garcinia Cambogia for weight loss a few factors must be considered. First and foremost, it is obvious and important to choose a Garcinia Cambogia supplement that has “Garcinia Cambogia” in the ingredients label.

Use the following checklist when buying garcinia Cambogia:

  • Garcinia is on the label
  • The supplement contains 50% Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA)
  • Free from Binders and Fillers (such as Silica.  Platinum Body Garcinia has no fillers, binders or artificial ingredients.)
  • Contains, at least, 500mg of Garcinia Cambogia (Platinum Body Garcinia Cambogia has 1000mg per Serving!!)
  • Choose a premium quality supplement

It is important to choose a supplement that contains pure garcinia Cambogia like Platinum Body Performance Garcinia Cambogia, that is free from binders and fillers, and contains premium quality ingredients. Often times consumers make the mistake of heading down to the grocery and grabbing the cheapest, lowest quality supplement off of the shelves because the price tag is low. Often times a low priced weight loss supplement reveals its low-quality ingredients that may deliver little to no results.  You’ve heard it before, “You get what you pay for.”

Platinum Body Performance products are made here in the USA under very strict quality control guidelines (the FDA guidelines to be exact).  We take quality control very serious.  Platinum quality is part of everything we do.

Can I take Garcinia Cambogia with my HCG Supplements?

Of course.  All the products offered on our site are completely compliant with the HCG protocol. Taking Garcinia Cambogia with either the HCG Pellets or our HCG drops will act as a one-two punch to your weight loss regimen.  Platinum Body Garcinia will add to the already effective appetite suppressing qualities of HCG, helping to control hunger pangs and adding all the additional weight loss benefits inherent with HCG.

What else are you waiting for?  Add Platinum Body Garcinia Cambogia to your current weight loss program today!

2 Bottles – $4.99 off
3 Bottles – $9.98 OFF
4 Bottles – GET ONE FREE + $14.97 OFF

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Probiotic 20 and hCG

Probiotic – 20 and HCG


1 Bottle HCG Pellets, 1 Bottle Probiotic – 20 – $69.98
2 Bottles HCG Pellets, 2 Bottles Probiotic – 20 – $119.98

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Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green Coffee Beans


Our 100% PURE Green Coffee Bean Extract is the most effective green coffee product: When it all comes down to it, you want a product that delivers results. Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract is the only green coffee product that can the deliver results it claims to have. You will lose weight with Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract. Thousands already have and guess what, YOU can be next!

Our product is the only one on the market today with a full 800mg Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract per serving. This is the MINIMUM effective dose. Anything less per serving won’t even be recognized in your body, so don’t waste your money on inferior products.

The bottom line is Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract is safe, effective and the downright best green coffee supplement. If you want to lose weight, burn fat, and want to look and feel better about yourself then Green Coffee Pure can help. Stop wasting your time with other products – Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract is what you need.
Join the thousands of other people using Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract to lose weight.

For maximum effectiveness, take two capsules with a large glass of water about 30 minutes before each meal. Up to three times a day.

Prevents excess sugar in circulation and supports the maximum utilization of fat for energy*
Green Coffee Beans™ have been shown to inhibit fat absorption and also stimulate the activation of fat metabolism in the liver, both major supporters of weight reduction*

Supports healthy blood pressure and homocysteine levels, and the integrity and function of blood vessels*
Chlorogenic acid, the main natural compound in Green Coffee Beans™, binds with lower density lipoproteins (LDL cholesterol) and protects them from oxidation, acting as a heart-protective antioxidant*
Supports healthy blood pressure and homocysteine levels, and the integrity and function of blood vessels*
Chlorogenic acid binds with lower density lipoproteins (LDL cholesterol) and protects them from oxidation, acting as a heart-protective antioxidant*

Raw unprocessed and unroasted coffee beans contain higher levels of polyphenolic antioxidants to support powerful free radical scavenging activity*


Inhibits excessive intestinal absorption of glucose (sugar), which may help to manage healthier blood glucose (sugar) and insulin levels*


For maximum effectiveness, take two capsules with a large glass of water about 30 minutes before each meal. Up to three times a day.

2 Bottles – $4.99 off
3 Bottles – $9.98 OFF
4 Bottles – GET ONE FREE + $14.97 OFF

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Pure Saffron bottle

Pure Saffron Extract


Doctor Oz is the most followed, known, and arguably respected doctor in the world. Recently, news broke about a new miracle appetite suppressant called Satiereal Saffron Extract.

The research about Satiereal Saffron Extract essentially concluded the following potential health benefits after continued use:

* Decrease in inches and weight loss
* Decrease in frequency of feelings of hunger
* Decrease in sugar cravings and snacking
* Promotes a healthy lifestyle, mood and food consciousness

Simply put, Satiereal Saffron can increase satisfaction in one’s appetite quicker meanwhile decreasing stress hormones and improving emotional health for more long term results and stability.

The unique saffron extract with Satiereal ingredient proved to be a viable satiety alternative for hunger in a clinical efficacy confirmed double-blind against placebo study.

Saffron Extract proves to be unique in turning on the satiating mechanism to satisfied hunger cravings and reduce overeating habits which often lead to unwarranted weight gain.

It is important to note that all medical weight loss science and studies regarding Saffron Extract’s ability to curb hunger and suppress appetite are supported with Satiereal ingredients, like our Platinum Body Performance Satiereal Saffron Extract.

Dr. Oz’s timing when revealing Satiereal Saffron Extract was crucial, in discussing the facts of emotional eating and its relationship to fast weight gain if not dealt with properly. It is a known fact that anxiety, stress, and depression influence food intake, both quality and amount.

Because emotions control eating habits which often lead to reactional hyperphagia (compulsive overeating), individuals often look to find comfort by overindulging in food (usually sweet, salty, or sugary variety). Until now, finding a natural appetite suppressant as an alternative to harmful prescription medication or costly stomach surgeries was hard to come by.

Satiereal Saffron provides unique advantages over most other tried and tested weight loss ingredients. Saffron Extract was shown to work on the physiological factors of eating
sensations and help people limit snacking habits dramatically.

Most individuals are compulsive snackers throughout the day due to anxiety, stress, frustration or boredom, and Saffron has proved to be an excellent solution by acting at the brain-behavior level of dietary choices.

Satiereal Saffron Extract Study Review:

* Saffron Decreases Snacking Average: 55% compared to 28% placebo
* Satiereal Decreases Appetite of Feelings of Hunger Between Meals: 84% compared to 52% placebo
* Satiereal Saffron decreases desire for Sugary Snacks: 78% compared to 46% placebo

The results of this clinical study were ultimately what spurred Dr. Oz announcing Saffron Extract as a miracle appetite suppressor and serotonin mood booster.

The evidence is clear and if you are an emotional eater or have trouble fighting against your hunger cravings, Platinum Body Performance Satiereal Saffron may be your best ally. What’s more, it’s all natural. That means it is safe and almost completely devoid of side effects.

You could keep wondering and debating or you can try it now. At these prices and with FREE shipping, you have no reason not to.

2 Bottles – $4.99 off
3 Bottles – $9.98 OFF
4 Bottles – GET ONE FREE + $14.97 OFF

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Deer Antler Extract

Deer Antler Extract


In terms of benefits, Platinum Deer Antler Extract Spray will provide a massive increase in energy levels as well as endurance and stamina. This type of benefit is essential whether you are on a reduced calorie diet or training hard in your workouts. Platinum Deer Antler Extract helps to dramatically decrease recovery time after workouts.  Whats more, most users find that Platinum Deer Antler Extract aids in providing the “deepest sleep” they have ever experienced.  This helps improve your mood, helps your body heal from aches and pains. It heightens your senses and gives you the ability to think clearly.

*Better Sleep
*Reduced Joint Pain
*Increased Libido
*Better Stamina

*Increased Energy Levels
*Improved Mental Clarity
*17,000 nano grams Deer Antler Velvet

**ZERO Side effects!!

Platinum Deer Antler Extract will help decrease your appetite and unhealthy cravings as well as increase your immunity. Platinum Deer antler velvet spray works wonders for women with hormonal issues. It also keeps your blood sugar in balance and enhances your overall productivity.

What Is Deer Antler Extract

Platinum Deer Antler Extract product is one of the most potent hormonal adaptogen product on the market. Deer Antler is a product with about 3,000 years of history in Chinese medicine, and not just in Chinese, but also the Japanese, Koreans, and even Russians as well, who dubbed it “horns of gold.”  If you are looking for proof, how about 3000 years spanning multiple cultures.

Today we have the benefit of science and chemistry to understand a little bit about what’s in the deer antler, and what we know is that it contains a very complex symbiotic balance of growth factors.  IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor) are things created in our own bodies, proteins in our own bodies that we use to stimulate growth and repair and maintenance and regeneration. But as we age, the numbers or the levels of these different growth factors starts to taper off. So it’s quite remarkable if you can find a food that contains IGF1 growth factors.

Deer antlers contain tremendous amounts of growth factor during certain stages of their growth.  If you are a hunter or have spent time around these animals, you may have noticed that in the summertime deer antler isn’t so pointed and sharp and it doesn’t look like bone.

Earlier in the season, this would be covered with a velvet, and it would be soft and rounded at the ends, and the whole thing would be fairly soft. In the springtime, the deer antler starts to crack through the skull and grows covered in velvet.  This velvet is soft and grows a couple centimeters a day. It’s pretty amazing growth for a mammal.

Eventually, at the end of the season, they scrape off against trees. They scrape the velvet off, and this hardens into a bone. Once it’s reached this stage, there’s no more benefit, no medicine left in it. But when it’s soft, if those antlers can be made into a medicine, you can actually absorb the growth factors yourself. This been known for a long time. It’s been done for thousands of years in China and Korea, and it’s been done for almost a thousand years in Russia as well.

Best of all there’s no side effects. You can never overdose on it. There’s no toxic limit or toxic load. It only benefits the body in positive ways.

Deer Antler Extract Reviews

Many doctors and user alike have tried this product in recent years.  You have probably hear of Ray Lewis taking Deer Antler and having it cause quite a stir in the media.  Even more recent is Mitch Ross using deer antler velvet on the PGA tour.  Does is make sense that people who have access to very educated sports doctors would take something that didn’t work?  Not really.  Platinum Deer Antler has zero side effects and hundreds of positive benefits.  What are you waiting for?  Try it today.

2 Bottles – $19.99 off
3 Bottles – GET ONE FREE (4 TOTAL)

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Fat Caliper

Fat Caliper


Fat Calipers Help Monitor Your Weight Loss

Why Measure Body-Fat?

The amount of body-fat a person carries can make a tremendous difference to their body shape and health. Because muscle tissue is more compact than fat, any deposition of fat, due to its tendency to balloon out, will cover a greater area than that of muscle. Fat also tends to congregate in specific places (primarily on the stomach in men and around the hips and buttocks in women). These factors affect overall body shape in a negative way, thus contributing to a disproportionate physique and unhealthy look.
In terms of health effects, excess fat can add stress to the joints, and cause postural problems. It is also linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer.
Measuring body-fat is important for several reasons. To gain an indication of how much fat ones body is composed of serves as a starting point for a weight-loss program. Having a tangible result in the form of skin-fold measurements and/or percentages can help one to chart their progress over the duration of their weight-loss program. In fact, measuring body-fat regularly can serve to motivate and help an individual make any necessary modifications to their program.

Add a body fat caliper to your order and start tracking your progress today. Remember, that which is measured gets improved.

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