Cami Heslop

I started the HCG diet program about 9 weeks ago. I followed everything by the book. The first 28 days I dropped 30 pounds it was amazing, like every morning I woke up being shocked by how much better I looked, I was losing weight (that I never could get off before, I’m not a person who can follow diets very well) So not only did I lose weight (for me it was pretty much one pound per day) also, my skin looked better, like the areas I was losing weight my skin tighten up and got smoother so I didn’t get the saggy mushy parts where I lost weight (I hope that makes sense) even my makeup went on better, my family told me I had a healthy glow which made me happy. The diet is pretty low calories and at first, I didn’t think that would be enough food to survive on (I’m an eater AND Italian!) 🙂 But doing the HCG drops it wasn’t bad at all. You have 2 meals a day that consists of a protein and vegetable and two fruits a day, so I made it easy for myself and made up my food for the whole week, so twice a day I grab my measured food I made this easy dressing put over it, and I just grabbed my fruit and just did it! And when u see results like this it’s all worth it. The drops I put under my tongue in the morning and once at night. I am still pleased with this program and now I’m on my 10th week and I have DROPPED 60 Pounds!!! I honestly say this is by far the best program I have ever done and I plan to do this until I reach my goal. My daughter just got on it and in 14 days so far she has dropped 16 pounds, and she does it without appetite suppressants! I couldn’t make it without that extra help, at least for me anyway. I totally understand about being skeptical of another diet, I have wasted so much money on other stuff and with the economy being not so hot I was worried about spending the money on this for myself, but I did it and I can tell you from the bottom of my heart, that I wish I found this stuff years ago! So much of life we miss out on when you feel too heavy to enjoy things like the beach, swimming pool parties, buying clothes that you actually want to wear etc.

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