Tamara Dante

I would like to share with everyone a weight loss program that is like no other, one that breaks all the rules we have learned to be true about dieting. I lost 35 pounds in 35 days. And, I have not gained one pound back. In fact, I have lost a few more, because my metabolism is working more efficiently, and my body burns more calories today than twenty years ago. I found I had increased energy while dieting, and it allowed me to follow the plan without feeling tired, hungry, or fatigued. My mood was happy and always up (it is believed that HCG produces endorphins in the brain causing us to be in a good mood). I lost four dress sizes, and am now wearing a size I never thought I could wear. I can eat more now than before the diet, without gaining, this is something of a new experience. This is an amazing diet program with no side effects. There are no dangerous stimulants, only natural energy, and it does what no other diet on the planet can do, it changes the hypothalamus and metabolism. This is truly the most amazing diet I have ever been on.

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